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Ulti Graft I

Ulti Graft I


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Another testimonial for the great Xpress Hair systems.

I have two systems on the go right now, a TL-1 Full Lace Base and a UG-1,
both with light density and lightest brown hair color. The great thing
about Xpress Hair is that, due to their inexpensive prices, you can
experiment with the color and cut. I would always suggest to new clients,
if you're ordering from stock, to go one shade, if not two, lighter than
what you consider your normal hair.

When initially receiving your system in the mail, you may be taken aback by
its initial appearance. But, never fear, as it simply becomes a work in
progress. Buy yourself a styrofoam manequin head and a package of small
color ball nickel-plated steel pins. Wash your new system with a good
shampoo/conditioner(Dove makes excellent products), and then pin it in place
on the styrofoam head. And then away you go with the styling.

I have previously mentioned the most excellent acquisition of a DIY
haircutting tool known as The Flowbee. Not only can you cut your own hair
with expert barber precision, but you can now use it for your Xpress Hair
System. You don't even have to employ the use of scissors, which is a hard
act to master. What you should have on hand, for trimming, is a quality set
of Wahl electric clippers, which cost no more than $20. And, very
important, purchase a set of Scalpmaster Hair Shapers, for use in tapering
and thinning out your hair for the most natural look.

And then watch videos,on Youtube, on how to properly cut in a hair system
into your own hair. They can be from other hair system proprietors, but
that doesn't matter, as long as you study and learn. You will be saving
yourself not only thousands of dollars on your hair system, but also on
barber fees for decades to come. Remember, what you are paying Xpress Hair
for your system, would cost you at least 5 times more elsewhere.

And, another thing to remember is, always cut your hair when it is damp. It
makes for better results. And another tip is this. If your system does not
exactly match your color, you can rectify that by a little Just For Men Hair
Color for your own hair. Or, you can lighten the color of your system, with
the application of a combination of lemon juice, raw honey, cinnamon, olive
oil, and water. Mix it, spray it generously on your hair, leave it on for 2
hours, and then wash. Keep doing it over the next while until you achieve
your desired color.

I keep meaning to send in before/after photos of myself, but I have been
lapse in doing so. I will keep my promise very shortly.
Date Added: 01/16/2018 by Jonathan