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DermaLace I

I'm a writer by trade but I'll try to be brief...
I originally ordered the "Max" system but found the front "A" curvature to be too steep for my forehead.
Absolutely no issues in returning it, getting credit, and Leo offered in-depth advice for a replacement which I ordered.
He accurately recommended the DermaLace 1 with a "C" front.

The system itself is of great quality. I determined that I would be somewhat less than delicate with it from the beginning just to see how it held up.

I had the system cut down to fit my 6x7 needs.
I did a perimeter bond using Walker Sensi-tac, (red), and used On-Rite adhesive. No tape in front. Hair line is fabulous.
It held for 4 weeks and 3 days before I finally changed it out. My real hair was growing and lifting the system by then.

During that time I worked daily doing at a landscaping job in our New Mexico heat. I rode my motorcycle, worked-out in the gym regularly.
I shampooed once weekly and finger washed daily.
The system did not thin or loose hair at all. Even when I removed it, there was NO VISIBLE HAIR LOSS !

Now, I have been doing my hair for about 12 years and I've used some of the most expensive systems out there, often paying $500.00 or more for "Quality". All of those systems left hair behind in the brush or comb and the "parts" began to thin within a month or so.

Long story-short; I just received my second system from Xpress and have no intentions to go back to the other guys.
I am so pleased to find this kind of quality backed by the level of experience and helpfulness I have found at Xpress.
I also included a photo of the hairline for review.

Leo- if you ever come to NM, let me know....dinner is on me!
Thanks again,
Date Added: 05/15/2017 by Charles