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True Lace I

From JC

1 day delivery! Wow!

The color is bang on. Xpress Hair is the absolute best, with it's choices of bases/premade systems.

Here is a testimony that I put on Youtube, concerning another company.

Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith
1 second ago
His hair system is pretty good.

Now, I have one myself which costs a fraction of many others. It comes from Xpresshair, which is located in Quebec
Canada. The hairline is excellent, and they have 11 different bases to choose from. I always choose
True Lace-I, which is mono base design with natural front hairline, I like it because it is light density, and even lighter at the front which lends to the great hairline. You can cut it to any dimension you wish. That means that you are not at the mercy of a Hair System Barber. Whether you decide on a receding hairline, or higher on either temple, the choice is yours, rather than just a straight across hairline as you see in many video/demonstrations. And the cost is only $198USD! That's right! $198! For this quality, other companies charge over $1000!

Xpresshair has every color possible for blending purposes. A word of advice is to possibly choose a shade 2 colors higher than what you consider your natural color. Also remember that you can always touch up your own hair with Just For Men for an exact match.

Now, another great secret that will save you thousands of dollars over the years is to equip yourself with your own hair cutting and styling tools. A good set of brushes, combs, and thinners to start. And then a good set of electric hair trimmers.
Always keep your the blades well oiled. For the most precise cutting instrument, buy a FLOWBEE system, which allows you to give yourself a haircut better than any barber can. Again, keep the blades well oiled, as when you cut/trim your hair, it should always be wet, to be most effective. And then stock yourself with great products, like spray in conditioner, good smelling light styling gel, and light hair spray. Similarly, to add to your new look, have on hand some great shaving products, the best razor you can afford, and quality aftershave like Pinaud. And treat yourself to quality colognes like BVLGARI AQVA.

Now, before you cut/style your new system, do your homework by watching many videos/tutorials. And again, to cut/style your system, apply it to your freshly shaved scalped, and then spray it with water, as it is necessary to cut it when it is wet.

Perhaps order 2 systems, so you can practice on the 1st one. Again at $198 per piece, you have nothing to lose, and you may be quite happy with your initial attempt.

You see so many guys walking around with a shaved head and goatee.(SHAG!)(LOL!) Most of them would give anything to have a full head of hair again. And, most women still prefer a man with hair. Women use every cosmetic tool in the book. So why shouldn't a guy, especially when it is so easy to wear and maintain?

Go for it! You won't be disappointed, and you will look years younger.
Date Added: 10/26/2017 by Jonathan