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Hairpiece Bonding Adhesive

There are two types of liquid bonding adhesive on the market, Water based and solvent based acrylic glue.  

Water base glue, such as Ghost Bond, is white in color and became clear when dries. It is commonly used on full skin poly or full lace hairpieces for full head permanent bonding. Water based glue is milder and easier on skin. 

Acrylic based adhesive, such as Ultra Hold, is mostly used for perimeter permanent bonding and occasionally used for full head bonding. Solvent based glue is generally stronger than water based adhesive. 

Product Image Item Name- Price
GhostBond XL Glue, 1.3oz bottle

GhostBond XL Water based hairpiece bonding adhesive ,  1.3 oz bottle  mostly used for skin and lace hair systems for full head bonding.  formulated...

GhostBond Platinum, 1.3oz bottle

GhostBond Platinum, Water based hairpiece bonding adhesive,  1.3 oz bottle,   mostly used for skin and lace hair systems for full head bonding.   ...

Davlyn Glue, 0.5 oz

Acrylic based glue, 1/2 oz bottle For use with extended wear bonding, provide up to 4 weeks of  attachment.

Walker Ultra Hold Glue, 0.5 oz

Ultra Hold hair replacement system bonding glue , 1/2 oz bottle, from walker tape Solvent based acrylic permanent bonding adhesive for  perimeter...

Vapon No Tape 1.0 oz Silicon Based Adhesive

No Tape, 1 oz Tube from Vapon is  medical grade silicon based adhesive.  The average hold time is up to 4-6 weeks for perimeter bonding .